The immune system encompasses the set of processes by which an organism defends itself from pathogens, which are potentially disease-causing.

Through various mechanisms, our immune system detects the threats to the homeostasis (equilibrium), whether caused by viruses, fungi, bacteria, or otherwise, triggering a coordinated response that seeks to counteract this threat. It is a complex system that requires the participation of different types of cells and processes.

There are two types of immunity: innate and acquired immunity. Innate immunity is the body’s first line of defense. It is a non-specific and generalized response to foreign agents (antigens), triggered soon after the first contact. It is achieved through physical/mechanical or physiological barriers.

Acquired immunity is not born with the individual, but is rather a capacity developed after the contact with the threat has been established. The major cells mediating this type of immunity are T and B lymphocytes. 


B lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow and have receptors on their surface, to which the antigens bind. After this contact, some B cells store that memory, while the others turn into plasmocytes which will produce the antibodies, responsible for destructing the foreign cells.
T lymphocytes are produced in the thymus. It is in this organ that they mature and acquire the capacity to distinguish what belongs to the body and what is foreign to it, thus avoiding an auto-immune reaction.

MICOLIFE® presents several food supplements including Ganoderma lucidum on its composition (also in dry extract), therefore having a minimum content of 39% of beta-glucans.

These have both an immunomodulatory and antihypertensive action.  Other bioactive components found in Ganoderma lucidum are the triterpenes, which have a highlighted action in the protection from infections, reinforcing the immune system’s barriers. This medicinal mushroom also shows hepatoprotective and antihypertensive properties.

The addition of Vitamin C is also beneficial as it has a protective effect on the immune system, thus contributing to avoid undesirable oxidations.




    Ganocomplex Defense is a food supplement from the Ganocomplex range, a unique range of products dedicated to particular medical conditions.

    Ganocomplex Defense consists of biological production Ganoderma lucidum (minimum content of 39% Beta-Glucans), Vitamin C and B6, and minerals.

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